Sock Monkey Family School Bus at 'Sock Monkeys'

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Sock Monkey Family School Bus at 'Sock Monkeys'
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Sock Monkeys is pleased to provide to you the customer favorite, Sock Monkey Family School Bus, from Sock Monkey Family.

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Manufacturer Description

Get on board the Sock Monkey School Bus as they go on a field trip to Banana Farm! Kids will like playing with this set of 8 plush sock monkeys, including one instructor, a principal and six dynamic students. Innovatively packaged in a box designed to resemble a school bus, there are 8 cut outs for the monkey's visit pop through. Mrs. Potts, the preoccupied instructor, got her teaching license from Peel University. Each day she dresses in her signature black and white polka-dot sweater, and black velour bow. Mrs. Potts stands roughly 14 inches tall. Accompanying Mrs. Potts on the school outing is Principal Pudding, a no-nonsense monkey who looks rather stern in his green argyle sweater and black bow tie. He measures roughly 14 inches tall. The students on the bus included Buttercup, Mittens, Annie, PJ, Beep and Spike. Fresh from summertime holiday, these rowdy monkeys are now in the third grade and nervous for an experience. Each trainee measures roughly 7 inches tall. Buttercup is a sweet, pink monkey wearing a light blue polka-dot gown and matching bow. Mittens is an artistic monkey who delights in making sculptures from mashed bananas. That can be untidy work, so she is constantly wearing pink gloves and a matching toboggan over her brown fur. Annie is a lively and outspoken monkey. She's simple to identify in a crowd since of her pastel-striped fur and multi-colored bow. Spike is a classically brown monkey with tufts of red, spikey hair. Beep is an athletic monkey who is well-known for his blue letterman sweater. PJ is an intense purple monkey with a yellow and green ball cap, somewhat on the plump side. Each monkey is made from all brand-new polyester fibers and is advised for ages 3 and up. These toys ought to be sponge cleaned just.

Product Features

Sock Monkey School Bus includes eight plush monkeys Includes one teacher, one principal and six students Packaging looks like a school bus, complete with cut outs for the monkey's heads Recommended for ages 3 and up Sponge clean only