Sock It To Me Sock Monkeys Red Knee High Socks

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Sock It To Me Sock Monkeys Red Knee High Socks

Manufacturer Description

About the producer

Sock It to Me offers fun, cool socks: socks with dinosaurs, cupcakes, ninjas, mustaches, unicorns and other things magical. Here at Sock It to Me, we continually make every effort making quality products with special and initial designs, while supplying value and superior customer service. We honestly like our socks and hope you do too!
Now you can find Sock It to Me socks all over the world, from the United States to the U.K. and beyond. However everything began with a camping tent at an outdoor market, a desk in my messy bed room, and the courage to approach our primary wholesale customer, Naked City in Portland, who still offers our socks to this day. (Thanks, Julian!)
The story truly began for me at age 26, when my look for a "genuine task" lost. With a great task history, college degree, and earnest inspiration, I discovered it hard to think that I couldn't find work-let alone, work that was pleasing. It was then I remembered the amazing socks I had fallen in love with in Korea while teaching English there years earlier. They were thick, stretchy, vibrant, and budget-friendly. They were special, and I truly liked them. I believed individuals back in the States might also like them. So after a great year and a half of consideration, I chose to move forward, and-taaa daaa!-Sock it to Me was born in 2004. Now we run as a small (however incredible and way talented) team of around 20 staff members.
It's been fun structure this brand and this story. I get a lot joy from our customer interaction, and I hope your experience with Sock It to Me is pleasant, also. As always, I am eager to hear your ideas and comments, so please compose if you have the urge-especially due to the fact that those comments assist us to be a better business for you. Thank you for coming by!

Product Features

Designed to fit women's shoe sizes 5-49 Fun and funky designs to spice up your foot fashion Quality contruction to withstand all of your adventures Perfect for those chilly fall nights when your ankles are getting cold These socks are sure to be a huge hit with everyone - give them as gifts!