Planet Sock Monkey Doll - Magenta Beetsch

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Planet Sock Monkey Doll - Magenta Beetsch
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Manufacturer Description

< img alt=""src ="" width ="285"height= "285"> Gather them all. Make Pals with Tough-as-Nails Magenta Beetsch, and keep your eyes peeled for more characters(offered individually): Cutely persistent nerd Ima Bananerd Big-hearted vocalist Star Harmonkey Scoundrel pirate Long Sock Silver

  • Hungry zombie Eaton Dedd
  • Loud-mouthed rap artist M.O.N.K.
  • Magenta Beetsch-Planet Sock Monkey Planet Sock Monkey isn't really a planet-- c'mon, we're not that actual-- but it is a cosmic new soft doll collection that's out of this world! Mindset, humor, and design made their way into the gravitational pull of the timeless sock monkey, getting sucked in and taken in to create a brand-new generation of irresistible sock monkeys with full-blown characters. We took them where no sock monkey has preceded, and these ever-evolving characters will not be denied. And we promise that you'll always wind up in indisputable monkey love.

    Sock Monkeys with Mindset

    Everyone understands exactly what sock monkeys are ... they've been around for, like, permanently. However, exactly what these sock monkeys have that makes them new and incredible is character, baby! Planet Sock Monkey has plenty of collectible characters that you can connect to, aspire to be, or simply plain admire. These aren't your mom's sock monkeys ... these are YOURS. They've got killer design and they understand it. They're sock-full of attitude and make no apologies for it. So, monkey up.Magenta Beetsch

    is difficult (don't tick her off, man). She's a drummer in a punk band (and she is killer). She's also an artist ... a tattoo artist (and incredible at this, too). She likes who she is and she likes exactly what she does. He soft spot is her bulldog Fluffy and she makes frequent trips to the dog park so he can play and she can chill. She lives a rockin' life, but every monkey has to chill sometimes, ya understand?

    You'll Go Bananas Over the Information

    These sock monkeys were not simply slapped together. Nope. They were thought-out and made with care. Magenta's got blue fish net leggings ... no joke. And her high black boots are sweet. Her striped tee and plaid skirt with lace trim make the best attire for her. And, do not forget her hair. It's absolutely Magenta. Just like the piercings and the tattoo ... it all works for her.Magenta Beetsch is rockin'her punk design skirt and boots, tattoo and piercings, and has a scary adorable skull purse.

    You got ta love this lady.
    < div class="break" > < div design="width: 230px" class="leftImage" > < img alt ="" src="" width="210" height="210" > < div class="imageCaption" > Loaded with character.

    Product Features

    Products that are great fun from children to adults High quality toys and games Games and toys that the whole family can enjoy A limited edition, collectible soft doll line full of bold style and unconventional attitude, daring to go where no monkey has gone before Magenta Beetsch is a tough-as-nails punk band drummer, passionate about her tattoo art The 10" Magenta Beetsch is rockin' her punk style skirt and boots, tattoo and piercings and has a scary cute skull purse For ages 8 and up