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Hog Wild Sock Monkey Popper Foam Battle Toy

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Hog Wild Sock Monkey Popper Foam Battle Toy
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Right now, Sock Monkeys is happy to bring to you the adorable, Hog Wild Sock Monkey Popper Foam Battle Toy.

Hog Wild, is supplying this Sock Monkey product.

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Manufacturer Description

Hog Wild was founded in 1996 and we live by these easy guidelines: We sell innovative novelty products normally geared to older kids (over 8) which cross over to grownups. We aim to be various and dance to our own beat when establishing toys and gifts. We avoid competitors whenever possible (no parlor game, no style dolls, no flying disks). We do not do gag gifts but do delight in humor and farting products (we simply do not sell them). We're not the brightest bulbs in the warehouse but we do attempt and often own up to our stupid mistakes. We like things easy since it's easier for us to understand. We're located in Porkland, Oregon and deliver all our products from this in some cases troublesome place. We normally take 3 to 5 days to process an order for our retailers and we prefer to get paid on time. If you're a credit deserving seller, we'll offer you terms. If you're an "end user" we desire you to purchase from our site and we value you the most of all. I'm sorry our prices are not dirt cheap but exactly what you find from us, you must not find anywhere else. There are times when we get knocked off but that's life in the toy company. We're always on the prowl for new ideas and look to outdoors developers for assistance. Most of the actually excellent developers are very difficult to find and they are often bar tenders, school instructors, firefighter, and other occupations not normally associated with inventing. When we find these individuals, they normally have actually smart, never ever before seen ideas. They are always smarter than we are and we feel very fortunate when they license their product concept to us. Fact: The best products we have always originated from outdoors developers. If you have actually got a terrific concept, we 'd like to hear from you. If you work at a professional inventing company with elegant discussions and 1,000 s of fantastic ideas, you're most likely not a terrific suitable for us.

Product Features

Unique and innovative children's toys Tested for safety and durability Portable and easy to use Easy to pop and the foam balls are soft Great for indoor or outdoor play Shoots up to 20' Works with all Power Popper Balls and refills